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Online voting closed on January 15, 2013.
Winners were awarded on May 20, 2013 in Washington DC during the "Jobs and Shared Prosperity Day".

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Organization(s) sponsoring the project:
Bottom Up Foundation
Created By:hhwang1No presence information
Published:12/18/2012 7:45 AM
Primary Contact:
BUF Social – Impact
Brian Chinwadzimba, C.E.O
Project dates:
June 2012 to present
Project Stage:Beginning of implementation
Geographic Coveraget:National
Interventions:Access to Finance; Business Environment or Business Regulations; Entrepreneurship or Business Development Services; Raising Productivity and Incomes; Skills and Training
Target Population:All individuals
The "Give Yourself a Job" Program
Impact of project:
Project Description:
Our project aims to address the challenge of unemployment through enterprise (and therefore wealth) creation. It encourages and supports unemployed and under-employed individuals, working together, to identify and access viable, sustainable, low-barrier opportunities to give themselves a job. Several key features of the project are as follows: 1. It is market-focused, directed to the needs and wants of accessible customers. 2. It directs participants to differentiated opportunities, rather than “me too” businesses. 3. It targets low barrier to entry and exit opportunities, thereby reducing the risk of failure and debt burdens. Even where success is limited, participants achieve valuable learning that will be of benefit to them as informed consumers and potential employees. 4. It promotes starting small and growing as success is achieved. 5. It has a strong focus on network creation – the single most important determinant of business success.
Why this project is a Good Practice example:
Our project is a good practice example because it is turning research findings into an actionable project.  The importance of entrepreneurship education and training was stressed in the (2009) report by the Global Education Initiative (GEI) of the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Job Opportunities will be improved because research indicates that between 30% to 40% of trainees are likely to continue on to start their own businesses.  Findings also show that around 40% to 50% of these entrepreneurial trainees could find subsequent formal-sector employment as a result of their new understanding of business.  Lastly, we believe our project is a good example because it contributes to creating a more enterprise-friendly society, in which everyone contributes and everyone benefits raising the stature of self-employment as decent work.
Impact Evaluation:
Lessons Learned:
The lessons from our project design are around the following themes:
             Markets rather than resources driven
             Start small rather than big
             Opportunity rather than compliance focus
             Simple rather than complex
             Encouraging rather than daunting
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