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Winners were awarded on May 20, 2013 in Washington DC during the "Jobs and Shared Prosperity Day".

Types of Interventions

Target Populations





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Organization(s) sponsoring the project:
Nature Hope NGO
Created By:hhwang1No presence information
Published:12/18/2012 12:15 PM
Primary Contact:
ADJE Chabi Bienvenu
Project Leader, Nature Hope NGO
Project dates:
2009 to present
Project Stage:Ongoing activities
Geographic Coveraget:National
Interventions:Access to Finance
Target Population:Children; Rural; Unemployed; Urban; Youth
Starting a Green Generation in Benin
Impact of project:
Impact evaluation in progress
Project Description:
This project organizes a nature trip for schools and college students. We train young schoolchildren and youth on environmental protection, enterprise development, sustainable alternatives and jobs related to supporting the environment and nature. We develop young nature guides in Agonvé in the South of Benin, young nature animators, and bird guides in the small towns of Benin. In addition, some created clubs for visitors and tourists who visit their villages. Once the young people are educated, they are able to undertake their ecotourism project with the support of Nature Hope NGO seeking local or international visitor groups. The attendance of the villages by the visitors creates new markets often with a purchasing power to the artisans of the villages that they can increase their income. Several women are trained to welcome visitors and to host them at home.
Why this project is a Good Practice example:
This project is a good practice example because it provides training for eco-tourism job opportunities and supports the environment. 

Impact Evaluation:
Lessons Learned:
Training youth in eco-tourism fields of employment is beneficial for everyone.  However, there are many challenges in implementing this type of initiative because the environment and protection of nature are not priorities for policymakers.


Video on environmental education the school boys on Zinvié nature school, accepted by UNESCO:

Short film for animation of outing of a nature club of secondary school pupil of secondary:

Envrironment education training  at Agonvè  village nature club AZilli: 
Document File:

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