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Winners were awarded on May 20, 2013 in Washington DC during the "Jobs and Shared Prosperity Day".

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Organization(s) sponsoring the project:
Destiny Africa
Created By:hhwang1No presence information
Published:12/18/2012 6:30 PM
Primary Contact:
George Mahinda, Director, Destiny Africa
Project dates:
2009 to present
Project Stage:Ongoing activities
Geographic Coveraget:National
Interventions:Entrepreneurship or Business Development Services; Raising Productivity and Incomes; Skills and Training; Social Insurance and Income Protection
Target Population:Entrepreneurs and SMEs; Lowest Income; Micro and Household Enterprises; Self-employed; Unemployed; Urban; Vulnerable; Women; Youth
Plastic Posts from Dirty Polythenes for a Clean Environment
Impact of project:
Impact evaluation in progress
Project Description:
The project offers a novel way of recovering and recycling dirty polythenes. The project has mobilized poor youth and women in Nairobi to segregate plastics from municipal waste which we purchase at between KES 8 – 15 per Kg (depending on level of cleanliness). This aims at reducing waste from dumpsites and the environment by attaching a commercial value to the waste. The factory employs 25 workers and over 2,000 garbage collectors. Many more are involved indirectly. The project has extended to other towns like Kikuyu, Eldoret and Kajiado. The plastic poles are used for fencing and construction thus helping stop deforestation.
Why this project is a Good Practice example:
This project has won the SEED Award 2009 from UNEP, UNDP, and IUCN.   The project when fully operational envisages to employ directly over 20,000 and indirectly over 200,000 million. It is in line with the ILO decent labour practices and offers green jobs while ensuring clean habitable cities. This offers jobs to the urban poor youth and women strengthening their  livelihood assets. It further helps raise their self esteem and stop them from drug abuse and malpractices that bring insecurity.

Nairobi’s Dandora dumpsite and other garbage sites harbours many garbage scavengers mostly youth whose survival is on the garbage. Polythenes recycling has helped improve their income streams and removed the polythenes from the environment. The Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) through funding from EU and Danida has funded destiny Africa to start an Integrated Solid Waste Management project in Mombasa where the Government has now allocated land on realizing the potential for employment creation. Danida has also funded an education and awareness project in Nairobi to publicize the project to mobilize and reach more people. UNEP appreciates the project potential and continues to refer many people.

Many enquiries continue to be received from across the world for replication. We plan to assist where possible.
Impact Evaluation:
Lessons Learned:
Our design is fairly simple, and the new focus is on technologies that can recycle the dirty polythenes without washing them first.

Our initiative mixes various categories of polythenes without separation and can create the plastic posts from polythenes. Plastics engineers had told us this project was not possible, but we are producing strong durable plastic posts that increase job opportunities and also reduce the number of trees that are cut down.
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 on  5/15/2015 11:24:50 AM  

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