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Organization(s) sponsoring the project:
European Commission, International Labor Organization and Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic Azerbaijan
Created By:Mushfig JafarovNo presence information
Published:7/7/2012 1:00 PM
Primary Contact:,, +994 22 2568015, +994 50 3618871
Project dates:
December 2008-December 2010
Project Stage:Completed
Geographic Coveraget:Regional
Interventions:Access to Finance; Entrepreneurship or Business Development Services; Raising Productivity and Incomes; Skills and Training
Target Population:Entrepreneurs and SMEs; Lowest Income; Micro and Household Enterprises; Rural; Self-employed; Unemployed; Women; Youth
Youth Employment Resource Center
Impact of project:
Impact evaluation completed
Project Description:

Overall objective- Increase employment in Ganja City (the second biggest city in Azerbaijan) metropolitan area The purpose of the Youth Employment Resource Center is to provide a venue for students and young people to find resources for internships and employment, gain practical work experience, network with others who are looking for jobs and employers who are looking for employees, develop strategies for finding work, increase their technical skills, and get entrepreneurial training. The objectives of the Youth Employment Resource Center are as follows:

• Self advocacy for young people in the job market
• Decrease dependence on state organizations as a job provider
• Increase Center’s users presence in civil society
• Increase the presence of women in the workforce
• Increase Women’s participation in the public sphere and Civil Society
• Generate new business within the community
• Facilitate Young Peoples’ ability to find and create gainful employment opportunities
• Link young job seekers with employers in the region
• Provide a pool of skilled employees

Why this project is a Good Practice example:
The job market in Azerbaijan is underdeveloped due to a lack of framework for transitioning from school to work, a lack of infrastructure for pairing employers with potential employees, and a general lack of employment opportunities (especially for women). As Azerbaijan completes its transition from post Soviet state to developed capitalist economy, the country will need competent employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. There is no shortage of creative young people willing to work hard and try new things. By developing internship programs, the Center can use businesses themselves to train students and recent graduates in exactly the skills they seek and at the same time develop working relationships with businesses so that we may help them find suitable employees. The Center will also harness the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of young people to facilitate their ability to create new opportunities.
Youth Employment Resource Center was also very much be “defining sustainable development strategies and… implementing actions aiming at poverty reduction.”  Our underlying aim was to help curb poverty by helping young people find, fill and create employment opportunities.
Impact Evaluation:
To combat the problem of unemployment among young people in Azerbaijan’s western region, Bridge to the Future implemented the Youth Employment Resource Centre (YERC) project.  The project had the following activities:
 Vocational Training for cosmetology, sewing and computer repair
165 beneficiaries attended but only 101 students graduated from the courses
CV Writing and Interview Workshops, Job opportunities 
363 beneficiaries participated in the training
Among 363 beneficiaries, 86 young people found a job themselves
57 young people found a job and 21 young people participated in an internship program through linking of YERC with companies – An online job search database was created
The site currently hosts 735 CVs and job postings are updated daily
Start Your Own business Trainings
302 people participated in the trainings
32 Businesses were created with 72 % by women (50% of total beneficiaries  got a technical/financial support from YERC project)

Another success of the project was that it involved other NGOs and both the local and national government, employer institutions in working to solve the youth employment crisis in Azerbaijan. The working relationships developed during this project creates a united team, which will continue to contribute to improving youth employment opportunities.  The YERC developed successful working partnerships with numerous organizations and 72 employer institutions.
Lessons Learned:
Our organization learned a lot from this project, particularly about the organizing business and job referral trainings, vocational courses, linking of young job seekers and job givers, establishment of businesses. This skills and experience that we got within project implementation will be used in our future work on youth employment.  Many of our projects involved participants from other local NGOs.  Our project was often a topic of discussion during meetings.  Furthermore, this project has involved the cooperation of both local and national government ministries.  This cooperation has created a more effective working relationship between local NGOs and government authorities.  The cooperation has also taught us ways in which this relationship can be improved in the future.  The results of this project have been shared and are openly available to all organizations wishing to look at the projects results.  Our organization is in the process of developing future plans to continue to utilize the infrastructure that was built during the process of this project.
Links: created within Youth Employment Resource Center project and currently run by Bridge to the Future. short video about Youth Employment Resource Center - Slovenian TV chanel made a video about Youth Employment Resource Center
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