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Regulatory Framework for Transit Transportation
One Hen Campaign Project
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Youth Employment Resource Center
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Organization(s) sponsoring the project:
Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project
Created By:p_narantsetseg@hotmail.comNo presence information
Published:4/30/2012 11:57 AM
Primary Contact:
P. Narantsetseg, Researcher-expert,, 976-99190467
Country:Mongolia; China; Russian Federation
Project dates:
from 12 November 2007 until 30 April 2008
Project Stage:Completed
Geographic Coveraget:Regional
Interventions:Business Environment or Business Regulations
Target Population:Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Regulatory Framework for Transit Transportation
Impact of project:
Impact evaluation completed
Project Description:
The main objective of our project was to analyze and define difficulties and barriers in building transit transportation, in order to come out with useful recommendations.  Our project analyzed and defined difficulties and barriers in building transit transportation by railway and auto road from Mongolia through territory of China and Russia.   We also compared Mongolian legal, regulatory, and contractual environments of transit transportation and transportation ratified by Mongolia with the World and regional conventions, with the aim to also prepare recommendation for the improving the legal environment surrounding transit transportation.
An additional objective of this project was to create recommendations for Mongolian contracts to provide transportation that goes through territory of neighboring countries.  We created a process to sign trilateral contract on transit transportation, and conducted research of trilateral contracts on transit transportation.  One of our areas of focus was on intergovernmental transportation through Mongolia, China and Russia.
Why this project is a Good Practice example:
The project was of great significance for supporting an increase in employment opportunities (as a direct result of transportation jobs), as well as the complexities and issues around  penetration of new markets, improving labor market quality, and the legislative/regulatory and political economy challenges of working across governments. To share our experiences, we presented a national seminar “Transit Transportation relations of Mongolia, China and Russia,” which was organized and sponsored by Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness project of USAID in Ulanbator, Mongolia in 11 March, 2008.  We presented our findings to delegates, businessmen and participants from Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ministry of Trade and Production, Ministry of Road, Transportation and Tourism, General Authority of Customs, UB Railway, Railway affairs authority, Professional Auditing Authority,  General authority of boundary protection, National Committee of Trade facilitation and Mongolian Chamber of Trade and Industry, all of whom participated in this national seminar.
We also discussed results on transit transportation of law, legal and treaties environment were discussed for delegates, businessmen and participants of national seminar and recommendations were prepared:
-Research of Law and Regulatory Environment for Transit Transportation,
-Intergovernmental Treaty on the Transit Transportation to have access to the sea,
-Agreement of International Railway carriage relations, their implementation,
-Draft of intergovernmental contract of Mongolia, China and Russia on transit transportation, process and results,
-Process of Multilateral and regional contracts on transit transportation, results and lessons,
-Research results in intergovernmental contract of Mongolia, Russia and China on transit transportation.
Impact Evaluation:
Impact explanation of the research project was related to the next measurements:
-to improve trade facilitation efficiency.
-to create favorable law, regulatory and contractual environment for transit transportation in international scope.
-to strengthen Mongolia companies and human resources of them for transit transportation through territories of China and Mongolia.
-to resolve difficulties and barriers in transit transportation according to the multilateral conventions and agreements.   
Lessons Learned:
The main lessons from this project were related to the legal, regulatory, and contractual environment of transit transportation, as well as the challenges of implementing this project and the difficulties and barriers for the performing transit transportation.
As next steps from the results of the research project, we share the following action items:
A. Legal/Regulatory:
a. To ratify the relevant international conventions for the developing effective transit transportation,
b. To reflect and to amend the land locked countries discounts and rights in regional and bilateral agreements,
c. To approve laws relating to the foreign trade and transportation and to create law and regulatory favorable environment.
B. Institutional:
a. To create conditions to provide implementations of international conventions and bilateral agreement,
b. To formulate rules, procedures, norms and standards to support foreign trade and transit transportation,
c. State and administrative decisions should be optimal, easy to understand and without difficulties for businessmen.
d. To create the information intensive providing system on the international laws and regulations of the transit transportation and trade for businessmen.
Document File:

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Celeste Norman says
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Gary Steinhardt says
It's also nice to see some large-scale projects here, too. I guess if one of these projects succeeds, they create a ton of jobs in comparison to several of these other smaller projects. It'd be interesting to see if these other projects can be scaled up.
 on  7/5/2012 10:34:02 PM  

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