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    Google Hangout: Inclusive Development Through Jobs



    Start Time

    2014-09-23 08:30:00

    End Time

    2014-09-23 09:30:00


    A number of developing countries have experienced rapid economic growth in the past few decades, and a number of them now figure in the list of top ten economies in the world. However, participation in this growth and its benefits have not been widely shared, as a result of which the idea of inclusive growth / development has gained currency within international development discourse.
    How do we achieve inclusive development has been a matter of intense discussion in scholarly and policy circles. The World Development Report 2013 highlights the centrality of jobs for development: jobs can boost living standards, raise productivity, and foster social cohesion. In this Google Hangout, participants will debate:
    1) Is jobs the best strategy for inclusive development?  
    2) How do we ensure inclusive development for those who are not capable or able to take up a job?

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