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Share ideas. Mobilize a community. Create jobs.

About Us
                                                                                             Share your Experiences from the Field
Experiences from the Field will allow practitioners and policymakers to disseminate and access information about the design, implementation, and impact of projects aiming to improve labor market conditions, be it through the creation of new jobs or by improving the quality and productivity of current jobs.  The database combines standard descriptive information about projects with multimedia features such as videos and pictures of operations on the ground and interviews with program managers and participants where available.  Users can search the database by thematic categories, geographic coverage, project dates, types of project materials, and methodology of evaluation.   
Rewarding good work: To encourage a wide outreach of best practice examples, the JKP is offering up to $2000 towards the production of a multimedia presentation of selected projects, an at a glance publication, or other outreach activity (e.g., attendance at a regional conference or learning event).  
A prize will be awarded in each of 5 categories:  i) Impact evaluation; ii) Addressing political economy and implementation challenges; iii) ‘Learning from our mistakes’; iv) Promising new approaches; and v) ‘Most recommended.’   
The JKP community will vote for submissions using the “recommend” feature on the JKP website and a committee made up of members of the JKP partner organizations will select among the top candidates.
Submissions:  Submissions can be made online at or completed forms sent to  Please include links to project documents and websites as well as any multimedia presentations that describe your project.  Submissions will be screened prior to posting for suitable content. 
To be considered for the first round of prizes, forms must be submitted by 5 PM EST, Thursday, March 15, 2012.  Remember – the sooner a project is posted, the more time it has to accumulate online votes.  A second round of prizes will be considered for projects posted by August 15, 2012.  



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