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AGI Note - Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment: The Case of Lao PDR
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AGI Note - Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment: The Case of Lao PDR

Adolescent Girls Initiative
Online article
Tackling youth unemployment

Entering into productive work is a challenge for youth in Lao PDR, and the hurdles for young women are particularly acute. Although average labor force participation rates for men and women are almost equal, there are significant differences across the sexes in the type of work and how this work is compensated. View Note


About the Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI)

Launched on October 10, 2008, as part of the World Bank Group’s Gender Action Plan, the Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI) aims to help adolescent girls and young women make a successful transition from school to work.
The program is being piloted in 8 low-income countries–including some of the toughest environments for girls.
Each program is tailored to the country context, with a common goal of discovering what works best in programming to help adolescent girls and young women succeed in the labor market. Each pilot includes a rigorous impact evaluation. With new knowledge of what works, successful approaches can be replicated and brought to scale.
The Bank’s partners in the AGI are the Nike Foundation and the governments of Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Jordan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Liberia, Nepal, Norway, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Total financing is US$20 million. AGI website
Tags: AGI;youth;youth unemployment;STEPS;career counseling;youth entrepreneurship
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