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Unemployment Compensation and the Allocation of Labor in Developing Countries
Happiness and Economic Growth: The Evidence
From Evidence to Policy: Do wage subsidies help young women get jobs?
Common Threads - Steelcase and ARZU apply a market-led approach to create employment opportunities for women weavers in Afghanistan
World of Work Report 2012: "Better Jobs for a Better Economy"
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DPRU Policy Brief Series (14/31): Combining Educational Access and Educational Quality into a Single Statistic
Nicholas Spaull, Stellenbosch University
Stephen Taylor, Department of Basic....
By: Nicholas Spaull and Stephan Taylor
File Type: Online article

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Employment and Labour Market Policies in Times of Economic Crisis


Due to the fact that the labour....

By: Annette Mummert
File Type: Online article

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Can Arts-Based Interventions Enhance Labor Market Outcomes among Youth? Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Rio de Janeiro

Abstract: This paper provides findings of a....

By: Carla Calero, Carlos Henrique Corseuil, Veronica Gonzales, Jochen Kluve, Yuri Soares
File Type: Online article

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Africa’s Got Work to Do: Employment Prospects in the New Century (IMF Working Paper)

Estimates of the....
By: Louise Fox, Cleary Haines, Jorge Huerta Muñoz, and Alun Thomas
File Type: Online article

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Household Enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa (Policy Research Working Paper)

Despite 40 percent....
By: Louise Fox and Thomas Pave Sohnesen
File Type: Online article

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Special Topic: Better pensions in Latin America and the Caribbean
While the aging population grows in....
By: Mariano Bosch and 6 others
File Type: Online article

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The Firm Size Distribution across Countries and Skill-Biased Change in Entrepreneurial Technology
This paper shows that in richer countries, firms are on....
By: Markus Poschke
File Type: Online article

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Minimum Wage: Does It Improve Welfare in Thailand?

By: Ximena Del Carpio, Julián Messina, Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano
File Type: Online article

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Working through the Crisis : Jobs and Policies in Developing Countries during the Great Recession

This book looks back both at how....

By: Arup Banerji, David Newhouse, Pierella Paci, David Robalino
File Type: Books

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AGI Note - Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment: The Case of Lao PDR

Entering into productive work is a challenge....

By: Adolescent Girls Initiative
File Type: Online article

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